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In theorizing and practicing Ayurveda, Kerala developed numerous traditions. Panavally tradition is pioneering such traditions especially in Panchakarma. CKV Hospital, which was started in the year of 1952 much before the Kerala Piravi – the birth of Kerala State – was a commemorative gesture of C.K.Raghavan Vaidyar to the path breaking contributions of their great father, the celebrated Ayurveda practioner, writer, activist and social reformer Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar.
Through the six decade long fruitful service, CKV Hospital has become pivotal in pragmaticising Panchakarma therapy and blending it with conventional Marama practices. The hospital awfully shares the might of Panavally tradition which was popular after the great Panavally Krishnana Vaidyar. His younger son C K Raghavan Vaidyar and his next to kin Sudheer Vaidyar were the inspiring spirits who carved the hospital into its present stature.
Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar was the Vaidya of Sree Narayana Guru

and was a vibrant writer social activist and revolutionary interventionist. As the fame crossed over the state boarders, national personalities like Dr.BR Ambedkar, Thanthai Periyor EV Ramaswami Naikar came to Panavally for traetment.
Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar, is the third generation Ayurveda Practioner who has become the most respected theoretician and practitioner of Panchakarama therapy. He was a visionary writer and social activist and a genius who shared all reformatory zeal of 19th century Keralam. He was instrumental in giving theoretical plateau to the Panchakarma therapy and played a key role in developing Panchakarma especially with intricate nuisances in Vasthi therapy. Vasthi is one of the most complicated ways in five major innovations from Kerala, which is known as Panchakarma.

CKV hospital is situated in the serene land of Panavally village and is place for spiritual as well as physical renovation. The hospital is run by fifth generation of Panavally hierarchy; still the treatment and its conventions are kept in its virgin purity and strict adherence to the traditional values of Ayurveda. It is not a place for Sukha Chikitsa.

Chittayil, parental family of Panavally Krishnana Vaidyar , is one of the ancient families in the middle Travancore which has given birth to numerous Ayurveda Vaidyas,, social reformists, writers, activists etc. Sanku Vaidyar father of Panavally Krishnana Vaidyar himself was famous Ayurveda practioner and his father also was in the same field. The ancestral home Chittayil court yard was known as Vaidyasala Parambu.

Gradulally Panavally Krishnana Vaidyar moved from Chittayil and settled in new home in the same village. The home he made in a place Sreekandeswaram is baptized as Veliyil, and still that home is place of dwelling for the present generation.

There two main streams within Panavally hierarchy has given birth to numerous pioneers in Ayurveda therapy and again they have multiplied as many sub streams. CKV Hospital is the comemorative gesture of Panavally Krishnana Vaidyar’s younger son C.K Raghavan Vaidyar to earmark the fond memory of his father. It was inaugurated by none other than the then Health minister of the Thiru Kochi state Mr. Madhavan in 1952.

C.K Raghavan Vaidyar was an ardent follower of Ayurveda and was a connoisseur in Modern Medicine and Homoeopathy. He was practicing Ayurveda in its traditional virtues and the fame of the hospital spread around the country. After the death of C.K Raghavan Vaidyar, his youngest son Dr. V.R Suresh and wife Dr.Shailaja Suresh are the helms men. During 60 years of its existence the hospital has underwent numerous changes.


Established : 1952
Location : Panavally , Kerala, India (30  km south of Kochi and 16 km north of Cherthala)
Accommodation : Standard Rooms, Executive rooms, Suite rooms
Climate : Tropical
Temperature : 20-32º C
Nearest International : Nedumbassery ( 51 kms app.)