In theorizing and practicing Ayurveda, Kerala developed numerous traditions. Panavally tradition is pioneering such traditions especially in Panchakarma. CKV Hospital, which was started in the year of 1952 much before the Kerala Piravi – the birth of Kerala State – was a commemorative gesture of C.K.Raghavan Vaidyar to the path breaking contributions of their great father, the celebrated Ayurveda practioner, writer, activist and social reformer Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar.

Through the six decade long fruitful service, CKV Hospital has become pivotal in pragmaticising Panchakarma therapy and blending it with conventional Marama practices. The hospital awfully shares the might of Panavally tradition which was popular after the great Panavally Krishnana Vaidyar. His younger son C K Raghavan Vaidyar and his next to kin Sudheer Vaidyar were the inspiring spirits who carved the hospital into its present stature. Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar was the Vaidya of Sree Narayana Guru.

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CKV hospital with a commendable history in Ayurvedic treatments is famous world over for the expert team of doctors and state of the art facilities on offer to make your stint with us hale and hearty

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Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar

Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar, the elder son of Sanku Vaidyar is one of the authentic and pioneering figures in the history of Ayurveda in Kerala especially in Panchakarma treatment. The contribution of Panavally Krishnan Vaidyar in the gamut of Ayurveda is immense. As a traditional Ayurveda practsioner his fame crossed the borders of the country and contributed much to the popularity of Panchakarma. His book Vasthipredeepam is the most authentic and accepted text on Panchakarma, especially Vasthi therapy.